No clue what to offer as a gift ? Relax, pour yourself some hot cocoa and discover our suggestions.

-Want to amaze?

There’s nothing like our e-polette, created to protect the eyes from screens. Play it e-stylish with a collection of acetate or metal non prescription frames, thought by our designers, from $34.99. Each of these frame comes with a leatherette case and an organic cotton wipe. Enjoy the joy of a beautiful gift packaging!

-Want to be bold?

Headed for L’Atelier, filled with eccentric and a wee bit vintage frames, from $19.99. With or without prescription, they will impress! For even more class, customize your lenses among our 7 tints. Offer exclusiveness. Our selection: Lazuli - Harper - Bardot and The Look Bi.

-Want to play the safe bet?

Let’s warm up in our sunglasses category ! Hundreds of trendy frames, from $5.99. Our selection : The crime of fashion - Maze Black - California Silver

A last visit in our accessories to keep your polette warm. We go cray cray for our Forest wipes and the last case, Caprin, with a delightful velvet inside.

Order and give your Christmas tree company !

Stay tuned for 2017: newbies, innovations and fantastic projects are in the menu. Happy holidays!