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    CEO / Entrepreneur / Fond of hummus

    Profile: Beatles fan, enjoys barbecues, playing the guitar, creating opportunities, generosity, discovering people, the business world, simplicity, cooking, working.


    CEO 2 / Entrepreneur / Keen on coloured sticky labels

    Profile: the lovely parisians cafés, sour candies, the scent of old books, the night, gifts, cocktails, the countryside, wood furnitures, buildings, the sea, discoveries, friends, old houses.


    Community Manager / Business Woman / Funny chap

    Profile: Loves huge tables of people, parks, soap bubbles, cheese, roller coaster, cotton candy, hair clips, Peter Pan collar, the smell of nail polish remover.


    Optician in chief / Musician

    Profile: crazy about new technologies, enjoys very much conciseness, going out with buddies, handball, old movies, antiques, happy hour, rainy sundays.


    Optician / Expert / Travel addict

    Profile: Asia, discovering new countries, reading, to convince, sport, cooking pastas, goint out with friends, la Chouffe, theater.


    Customer Service Manage r/ Multi-task / Has a fondness for macarons

    Profile: Colored pencils, cigarette case, blue, cobbled streets, champagne, sunday brunches, thrift stores, sunshine, refined cooking.

  • RUBIS 

    Customer Service Manager Junior / Multi-task / Enjoys anything blue

    Profile: A true epicurean, (whoever said gluttony is a seed never tried it) enjoys belgium beer, baby pandas, romantism, hip hop, winter, (just to show off her nice boots) polished nails, tennis, TV shows.

  • ZOÉ 

    Customer Service Assistant / Has a craziness for potato chips!

    Profile: Wears thongs with a scarf, (fancy!) enjoys laughing, the sunday pajamas, the scent of fresh coffee, brownish eyes, the chitchats at the park, bracelets, the summer hits, taking the plane, surprises, olives, true friends, sunbathing, mummy’s cooking!

  • PAUL

    Customer Service Assistant / Burger lover

    Profile: BBQs, soccer, american series, biking, beach, mezzanines, friends, zoo, winter coats, olympic games.

  • FANNY 

    Art director / Music lover

    Profile: Tomato juice, cactuses, cute printed carpets, fresh mint tea and goat cheese, going to great gigs, finding new cool songs to share, vintage shops, tattoos and silkscreen printing.

  • Marianne 

    Product manager / Full time eater

    Profile: Super junior, getting a full treat at a restaurant, making lousy jokes, milk chocolate, blue cheese, pink color, cute stuff (except for babies) and morbid things, travelling without anyone knowing, snowman.

  • Vincent 

    Web developer in chief / Musician

    Profile: Art, music, web, sunny festivals, meeting people, out of reach challenges, travelling, discovering new things, wood work, nature, Backgammon games.

  • CÉLIA 

    Manager Logisitque / Multi-task

    Profile: Mc Do lover., like spicy food, countryside, to laugh, going out with friends, shopping addict, don't like to cook.


    Brand manager Netherlands

    Profile: Many podcasts, history, China, cycling tours, optimism.

  • JOY

    Community Manager for Netherlands / Creative & Organised / Love to dance

    Profile: Sun makes me happy, Techno, but also 90’s Hip-Hop&RnB, humour, love citytrips, big love for America, summerfestivals, Youtube, intensely enjoy good movies&series, fashion&make-up.