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  1. Metal glasses: the center of attention.

    Let’s get to the point and talk about metal.
    Drawing many admirers, this year, metal glasses are the center of attention.
    Elegant, easy to wear and above all light. Our designers took advantage of this new season to have a second look at the material in every possible shape. Embracing the timeless or challenging the classic, succumb to the charm of this geometric and striking collection, from $29.99.
  2. Perfect match.

    Time is pleasure, trend is comfort. This timeless and easy to wear collection will stimulate your senses and create an informal statement this fall.
    Spoil yourself with colourful hand polished acetate glasses, or dare to combine natural shades with a metal and acetate frame. From green to burgundy, from sweet caramel to roasted chestnuts, our collection from $19.99 will carry you into the new season.
  3. Cheaper than cigarettes!

    Trendy glasses for $4.99!
    Come on baby light my fire! At polette we offer you frames for only $4.99, because affordability and transparency are values embedded in our DNA. Thanks to our revolutionary concept, glasses are now accessible for everyone. Have a look at these beautiful and colorful specs and join the revolution!
  4. The digital lenses

    Protect your eyes from screens!
    The blue light coming from LED-screens disrupts our biological clocks by damaging our retina and the production of melatonin. Our digital lenses coating reduces up to 40% of the blue light released by tablets, smartphones and TV.
    Your retina is then protected and your melatonin not affected any longer. Kiss your migraines, sleeping disorders and eyestrains goodbye. Our digital lenses filter is available on all our glasses, with or without prescription from $10.99. Make a fashionable statement for safe use of technology!

  5. perspectives 4: the city and our first podcast

    What a cool edition of perspectives it was! Four super interesting artists joined us at our showroom to tell us about their work, inspiration and struggles.
    Khalid Amakran passionately explained about his mission to portray those from underprivileged backgrounds and dazzled us with his pictures.
    Shahine El-Hamus told about combining acting with rap and gave us an amazing live performance!
    And then there was Chocolate Swirl to top it off. These two ladies from Amsterdam are working to set up an inspiring network and played the freshest tunes in town to dance on.
    Our speakers also gave one recommendation each. Check out Khalid’s tip to read ‘The rose that Grew from Concrete’ by Tupac Shakur. Or you could try Shahine’s way of finding inspiration by just sitting on your balcony or use Franny’s concept of ‘adventure time’ and grab any opportunity you get in life and see where it leads. Finally Shammah’s tipped all of us to dare to talk to ourselves in order to motivate yourself and take the next step.
    Big thanks to LEF Amsterdam for co-organising! Pictures by Rachel Ecclestone @urbantraveller. More pictures of the event here on our Facebook page.
    Wanna listen to the whole conversation? Listen below:

    perspectives 4: the city and our first podcast