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  1. A summer in New York!

    No matter where they go, Anna and Tomas always bring a polette! They both form the Office of Hard Work, a multidisciplinary studio based in Amsterdam, so creativity is everywhere around them. Being our stylist on campaigns, Anna definitely shares our simple yet original universe. As the frames are quite outspoken they thought it would perfectly work with the diversity of New York.
    “All we needed was an elegant solution to capture the Big Apple in a small picture with the sunglasses. We achieved that by placing the frames on a piece of mirror and juxtaposing them with a reflection of the backdrop.” “The challenge was to find a place where to get the custom cut mirror and still be transportable thru the busy NYC subway.” “Sam was this not so friendly looking but actually really nice guy who has his shop at the Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick. His business slogan read “Have no fear, Sam is here!” He cut a perfect piece of mirror for us. So, thanks Sam!“.

  2. Hoi Amsterdam.

    Since 2015, in our chosen city Amsterdam, a new chapter has begun at polette.
    While biking or boating through the mesmerising architectural neighbourhood filled with great history, this open-air museum never puts our inspiration to rest. With our huge range of sunglasses, from XXL to minimalist, from butterfly to aviator, tortoiseshell or colourful, retro or contemporary, each of your adventure will be one of a kind! Make the summer endless in the Northern Venice. Doei doei!
  3. Four artists x showroom transformation = loads of fun

    What a cool edition of perspectives it was! Four super interesting artists joined us at our showroom to tell us about their work, inspiration and struggles. Khalid Amakran passionately explained about his mission to portray those from underprivileged backgrounds and dazzled us with his pictures. Shahine El-Hamus told about combining acting with rap and gave us an amazing live performance! And then there was Chocolate Swirl to top it off. These two ladies from Amsterdam are working to set up an inspiring network and played the freshest tunes in town to have a dance on. Big thanks to for co-organising! Have a look at the full album of photos!
  4. Summer party in Amsterdam!

    After Paris and Brussels, we ended this crazy party month in our hometown Amsterdam. Bloggers, stylists, customers and friends came to celebrate and try the new sunnies collection. The temperature was rising in the showroom as we grooved to summer beats. The next event is just around the corner, so keep your eyes open...
    Summer party in Amsterdam! Summer party in Amsterdam! Summer party in Amsterdam!
  5. Showroom opening party in Brussels!

    It was a blast! You were a lot to celebrate the first connected showroom in Belgium where you try our designs and experience a revolutionary concept. Journalists, influencers, customers, everybody was happy to capture the moment on our photobooth and few visitors even enjoyed a goodie bag full of surprises!
    Have a look here, the pictures speak for themselves! Stay up to date with our latest collections, events and news via our social media (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter) and newsletters.

    Showroom opening party in Brussels! Showroom opening party in Brussels! Showroom opening party in Brussels!