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  1. Documentary: how polette beat the optical establishment on TV?

    When France 2 called to ask how polette can offer glasses $14.98 for a frame including lenses, our founder Pierre Wizman invited the whole TV crew to visit our office, workshops and showrooms to see with their own eyes how polette does it.
    Producing glasses doesn’t cost more than $10,- per pair, so why still pay $400 for a pair?’ Pierre Wizman, founder
    At polette, our core value since 2011 is to offer value for money by taking care of every step of production and logistics. By choosing to work without intermediaries between us and our customers, customers get what they pay for: honest quality glasses.
    France 2 ordered a pair of glasses for the same person from three different opticians including polette and asked a professor and her student at an Optician School in Paris to blindly test the quality of the three pairs of glasses. The professor and her student were shocked, because our glasses, the most affordable, turned out to be the best quality compared to the other glasses that had cost much more!
    Curious how polette exactly enables everyone to get top quality glasses for transparent prices? Watch the full documentary below.
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  2. Summer party in Paris!

    Dolce vita spirit at our showroom in Paris for the launch of our extravagant sunglasses collection. The occasion for a reunion with our polette ambassadors and meeting new personalities. Relive this amazing night on our Facebook page. Thanks to all for coming and get ready for the next summer party in Amsterdam!

  3. Dolce far niente: sunglasses collection.

    Can you hear it? The sound of the Mediterranean Sea, the fun and laughter of your friends. Do you feel it? The sun is kissing your skin, the sand between your toes. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Now that’s what they call dolce far niente!
    No matter where you are, we make sure you enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing in style. Oversized or slim, round or square, colorful or monochrome, our new sunglasses collection from $29.99 has it all! Together with polette, make this summer your best one yet.

  4. Tutto bene: new sunglasses collection!

    Our new sunglasses collection takes you to a place that’s pure bliss. Surrounded by your favorite people, you wander through the timeless alley’s with gelaterie on every corner, taking in all the island of Sardinia has to give, it is in that moment that you know: tutto bene!
    Spice up your look with a bold pair of sunnies with colored lenses, or go for a design with surprising details in shape and material. These creations from $29.99 are easy to wear, but do give that little bit of extra!

  5. California: an iconic collection!

    Down the road we go, captivated by all the lush yet peaceful wilderness found at the heart of the American West. Our iconic California collection welcomes new creations for $49.99. From eyeglasses to sunglasses, explore and choose between tinted, clear or mirrored lenses. The California is a chic and sleek metal design, reminiscent of the long American roads from the Pacific coast to the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.
    Enjoy the ride while the sun kisses your skin and immerse yourself in some California dreamin’!