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  1. The truth about the optical industry!

    Pierre Wizman, polette founder, was on set of On n'est pas des pigeons, a belgium tv channel. Manufacturing costs for one pair of glasses are between $5 and $10. Why paying $450? Transparent, once again Pierre tells you everything.

  2. What's your perspective?

    What's your perspective?
    Animated by architecture, this collection in limited edition was imagined in black and white. In a measured simplicity, these pairs of glasses with an incredible charm combine the solidity of acetate with atypical shapes. Be the architect of your own life and elevate yourself like a skyscraper. Browse the steps of life, change your point of view and find your own.

  3. Loosen up: new titanium collection.

    Why so serious?
    Our material of choice, titanium is getting all the attention lately. Imported from Japan and transformed into pieces of art at our workshops. With polette this luxury material is finally affordable: for 59.99€. Discover our glasses!

  4. Stay safe and clean.

  5. Rebrand polette.

    Previously L’usine à Lunettes now only known as polette!
    Simplicity, transparency and accessibility are core values of polette, but the ever-growing international popularity of polette helped us do lots of things differently during the last few years.
    We chose to simplify our old brand name L’usine à Lunettes so anyone around the world would be able to remember it immediately: polette was a great find because it’s the nickname of one of our founders Pauline.
    We also replaced the capital P by a small p. Why? We like to keep things simple everywhere!
    Our core values:
    Simplicity: we chose to continue under one name, because we want to be accessible for everyone and unfortunately not everyone speaks French, Ou la la!
    Transparency: beautiful glasses designed by our team, made in our workshops with an eye for fashion and function and ALWAYS  sold to you for fair prices!
    Accessibility: we design in house, keep stocks low by producing in small numbers and charge fair prices: exclusivity for everyone.