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Our iconic California collection welcomes new creations. From eyeglasses to sunglasses, explore and choose between tinted, clear or mirrored lenses. The California is a chic and sleek metal design, reminiscent of the long American roads from the Pacific coast to the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the ride while the sun kisses your skin and immerse yourself in some California dreamin’!

California Purple

Timeless and unforgettable, California Purple is a pair of glasses with personality. Pretty oval shapes enhanced by pink metal. With tips made out of hand-polished acetate, this model is a true know-how.

We love its purple gradient lenses and stylish packaging!

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California View Pink

In love with trends and feeling a tad nostalgic? This is why you need to take a look at our California. This unseen frame brilliantly combines vintage and modernity. It is elegantly different.

  • Shape: oval
  • Materials: metal and hand-polished acetate
  • Color: pink
  • Detail: perforated tips
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