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polette is the perfect mix between creativity, fashion, innovation and online shopping. Created in 2011 by Pierre Wizman and Pauline Cousseau, polette has revolutionized the optical market, a true break from traditional opticians. Just like any entrepreneurial company, polette is the story of an audacious adventure: a duo ready to make the optical market fully transparent. In addition to being an entrepreneur and a natural visionary, Pierre Wizman is a self-taught man. Without a diploma and with only $2000, he built a success story within 5 years. Medias are mad about it!

Why China?

A taste of adventure, a desire to bring the team’s professional experience to the next level. After a decade, they mastered the whole market, language and culture. China has been the producer of frames and lenses for 40 years, growing its skills and undeniable expertise.


Why does polette offer such prices: frame + lenses, from only $19.98?

A pair of glasses, at factory price costs between $6 and $10. Why then should you buy them for $300? Let it be known that the big brands produce in China. The factory cost is multiplied by 20 once the brand labels the product. Not to mention the considerable benefits deducted by wholesalers and resellers, justifying the $300 in sale. The business model is the reason why such prices are offered and not the product’s quality. 

polette sketches and produces its frames in total transparency. There are no intermediaries nor abusive margins. Therefore consumers are offered a new way of purchasing which is: innovative, groundbreaking, and one of a kind. While surfing on its web 2.0 mode, polette proves you can enjoy quality, authenticity, aesthetics, and add a touch of pleasantness, all in one for just $20 for frame + lenses.

"Sticking to simplicity and to be successful
by doing so is the hardest thing there is."

Pierre Wizman

Setting its main target to become the worldwide leader in the optical market, polette is an adventure relying on human values. Discover an international and generous company that builds its strategy around creativity. Today, polette has over 100 employees between Shanghai (where it all started) and Amsterdam, the city that welcomes novelty! It also has over 60.000 followers online, a loyal and growing community. Boldness is what defines polette best, as well as its attractive offer and its innovative business model, in comparison to the current market.

polette sounds different, listen to our French success story!