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Origin and lenses quality


All our lenses are spherical and organic, produced and assembled in our laboratories, in Shanghai, China.

The options we offer online allow you to get an anti-reflective, anti-scratching and UV400 coating for an optimum protection.

Our multifocal lenses are Freeform lenses, meaning last generation lenses, particularly light:

- progressive Premium: classic field of vision

- progressive Privilege: wide field of vision


Which type of lenses do I need?


Our ophthalmic lenses

I do not need prescription lenses but an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating on my lenses, to have a better comfort and keep my lenses longer.


Our single-vision lenses

- I am far or nearsighted, and/or astigmatic, meaning I don’t see from far or near.

- I have prisms on my prescription. / I suffer from strabismus.


Our multifocal lenses

I am longsighted and/or astigmatic; I have difficulties to see from far and near.

This occurs after 43 years old approximately.

For any choice of multifocal lenses, you need a minimal lens height of 29 mm.

Careful: We do not offer interview lenses, also known as intermediate lenses. These lenses offer a deeper depth of field than classic lenses.

I have a multifocal prescription but I need single-vision lenses


Contact our support team through our online chat or our optical service at so you can get the help needed.


Our options



- UV400

For your eyes to be fully protected against the most harmful UV rays.

- anti-reflect

For a better vision comfort, better contrasts.This coating reduces stains and scratches. You will notice a pale green or purple reflection on the lens that indicates the presence of the coating.

- anti-scratching

This coating reduces scratches.



For our single-vision lenses, we offer 5 types of index:

- Eco (index: 1.59)

- Business (index: 1.6)

- First (index: 1.67)

- Prestige (index: 1.74)

- Photochromic (index: 1.59)

According to the strength of your prescription and the index chosen, your lenses will be thinner.

For our progressive lenses, we offer 3 types of index:

- Premium (index: 1.6)

- Privilege (index: 1.6)

- Photochromic (index: 1.6)

The tints

Customize the frame(s) you love with our multiple tints.


Screen lenses (e-polette)

These are our lenses, filtering over 40% of the blue light emanating from screens. (smartphones, computers, TV)

This technology strongly reduces migraines and eyestrains.

How to get my pupillary distance? 


The pupillary distance is an essential value that allows our specialists to center your pupils on your lenses.

It is the distance between the center of your two pupils.

The ophthalmologists have to provide your pupillary distance.

If you cannot get it, you can go to one of our showrooms so that one of our experts measure it for free, without any appointment.


I have received my eyeglasses and encounter a blurry vision 


Know that it takes sometimes a couple of days before you can adjust to your new eyeglasses.

After a few days, if the blur remains, please contact our optical service at within 30 days from the date you received your parcel.

An investigation will be launched.

Be reassured: a solution is always offered. 

Careful: if you have a doubt on your prescription before placing your order, our customer service will answer all of your questions through our chat, our social networks and our contact form.


Customization on the online form


Mostly all our designs can be customized (tints, tint levels, screen coating, etc) for a unique eyewear.


Can you determine my prescription from my pair of eyeglasses?


Absolutely, you just need to go to one of our showrooms so that one of our experts can determine your prescription from your latest pair of eyeglasses.


I have placed an order but I made a mistake in my prescription. How can I immediately change this?


If you quickly realize you have made a mistake, please contact us on our chat from Monday to Friday, from 9:45 am to 6 pm. (European time zone)

Beyond 24h and as soon as your eyeglasses are sent to our laboratories, no change at our cost can be made.

How can I choose my frame(s)?


On our online catalog, you can filter according to :

- what’s new

- price

- alphabetical order

- size, from S to L. (Width: S: 110 mm to 135 mm; M: 135 mm to 145 mm; L: 145 mm to 155 mm)

- shapes

- colors

- name search


You can find the measurements on each of our product sheet.


I am not sure of the design I want, how can I make sure it fits?


You can visit our showrooms and try all the designs you like. 


My eyeglasses are too big or too small, I want to return them 


If your eyeglasses are adjusted to your vision, you have 14 days to send them back to our return center -at your cost- and get a refund or a store credit of your frame(s), excluding all customized options (lenses, tints, coatings, etc)

Please contact to get the address of our return center.

Exchanges and refunds 


You have 14 days to claim a refund at

The products on sale can be returned against a store credit, (excluding customized options) but they are not refundable.

In some specific cases, your products could entirely be refunded.

Can I be refunded by my social security?


We are not affiliated with any social security, yet you can contact your insurance to get a possible refund.

If you place your order at polette, you will pay less than at a traditional optician.

What are the assembly and delivery time?


According to the selected options, count 2 to 6 business days so your eyeglasses can be assembled. 

Once your products shipped, please check our Delivery & Shipping section.

30 days from the day of your order, if you haven’t received your package, you can contact our customer service at so a solution can be offered. 

How can I pay?


We offer a secured payment.

You can pay through : 

- Paypal 

- credit card


Regarding the payment through credit card, you will automatically be redirected on PayPal.

You can then choose the option « I do not have a Paypal account » and follow the instructions to proceed to your payment through credit card.