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The polette team

polette is based on a holistic business concept that focuses on a mix of well-being and work: sport activities, great parties, Crazy Friday’s… polette stands for team spirit, friendships and personal fulfillment. From our offices, our showrooms and to our ateliers, our energy is focused on fashion, quality and personalized advice.

Join us!

The beginning

The inspiring story of two young entrepreneurs with $2 000 in their pockets who revolutionized the optical market with polette.
From an immense skyscraper in Shanghai to a canal house in Amsterdam, the team members have experienced it all and the adventure continues. From 2 to more than 100 employees worldwide, from a webshop to the opening of many connected showrooms, polette has not said its last word. Today, this unlimited force is making headlines on TV, newspapers and influencers.

Our values

polette is a microcosm of curious, dynamic people with creative minds. We draw our minimalist and avant-garde inspiration from art, traveling and encounters. At polette we have personality, determination but above all a lot of humanity. Since 2011, you are part of the polette revolution, thank you for your confidence and loyalty.

Work for polette

Head office


As an organised person, you should have an interest in product design, be open-minded, communicative, positive, proactive, accurate and independent. Your environment should be organised and you have basic photoshop skills.


-Update the try-on catalog
-create product visual for the try-on
-Work in collaboration with IT team
-Communicate with product and design team
-Constant communication between product and design team


-Basic photoshop skills
-Interest in product design
-Can think in 3D

Email [email protected] with a love letter, résumé and portfolio.