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  1. Our new sunglasses through the Masai.

    polette is going around the world. Different yet similar, we felt a deep connection with the East African tribe. An adventure full of trust, awareness, and bonding, which was an exchange for both our communities: the Masai and the polette family. Asante sana, thank you for this eye-opening meeting. Discover our new sunglasses through the Masai.

  2. Small glasses, big...!

    Who’s the best? Who got the biggest?
    Let’s make it clear baby, this collection will level up your confidence to the highest degree. Colored lenses or monochromic, our frames are meant to be iconic. Turn the street into your stage, our new metal sunglasses are fierce & savage. Either they will bow or say wow. Because at polette we got your back.

  3. What's your perspective?

    What's your perspective?
    Animated by architecture, this collection in limited edition was imagined in black and white. In a measured simplicity, these pairs of glasses with an incredible charm combine the solidity of acetate with atypical shapes. Be the architect of your own life and elevate yourself like a skyscraper. Browse the steps of life, change your point of view and find your own.

  4. Loosen up: new titanium collection.

    Why so serious?
    Our material of choice, titanium is getting all the attention lately. Imported from Japan and transformed into pieces of art at our workshops. With polette this luxury material is finally affordable: for 59.99€. Discover our glasses!

  5. Size matters.

    Our size matters collection is made for you and your unique proportions. At polette we believe that design needs to follow function. Whether big or small, long or short. All sizes matter. Check out the collection, from $29.99 and find your fit!