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  1. Let's talk about love baby.

    Let’s talk about you and me. About our flaws and qualities because we do care for transparency. Your eyes, nose, lips, are such eye candy. Every love, like our collections, has its unique story. So this time our designers created translucent glasses matching nude tones, as if they were a part of the human body. Naturally, softly, let these polette limited editions embrace your skin perfectly.
  2. Be a rebel!

    With polette, be a rebel!

  3. Stand out!

    You’re dazzling, yes you are. Let polette highlight your true colors with this limited neon collection. Bright and colorful, don’t be too surprised, but these glasses will skyrocket anyone's style to another level. So today, rebel against the complexions you’ve been accustomed to. In the light, in the dark, stand out! Are you ready for this?
  4. Bonjour Toulouse !

    Temperatures are rising in the south of France with our connected showroom opening! Come and try more than 800 creations, get a free eye test, and advice from our experts: 40 rue d’Alsace Lorraine. See you soon!
  5. Our new sunglasses through the Masai.

    polette is going around the world. Different yet similar, we felt a deep connection with the East African tribe. An adventure full of trust, awareness, and bonding, which was an exchange for both our communities: the Masai and the polette family. Asante sana, thank you for this eye-opening meeting. Discover our new sunglasses through the Masai.