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Nunguishu is the village chief. She has been elected because she enjoyed education and has proven to be a solution-finder for the community: true values of a leader. Next, to her, you see Pauline co-founder of polette.

polette wants to be open-minded and confront itself with various cultures and communities around the world, to understand that life is a question of perspective and everybody has a different one.

Our team experienced that the Masai have a deep understanding of their natural environment and told us they don’t want to be dependent on technology nor care about the “modern’’ way of life. This was impressive to observe and our team felt inspired by their way of thinking. It questions our way of life.

Our visit was full of trust and bonding, hopefully, the beginning of a long-term relationship.


The local community appreciated our visit and small donations (toys, pens, books, underwear and of course glasses). Our immersion taught us that the most pressing needs for the community are: water and education. We are currently planning to build a water well in the village because we feel it’s our responsibility to leave a positive impact beyond our first collaboration.

“Would you like to be our Rafiki* ?” - Nunguishu

No words needed, no need to speak the same language to be moved, to connect and to get to know each other.

Asante sana for welcoming us Masai and a big thanks to you our dear customer for supporting us to connect with the world and make a difference.

We are one community!