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Move to the beat of titanium!

And the beat goes on for polette! Titanium calls out for you to join them in performing with strength and flexibility! Imported from Japan and transformed into pieces of art in our workshops, these glasses are made from a luxury material that is sturdy but feels as light as a feather. Celebrating diversity with all kind of sizes and shapes, these hypoallergenic frames are not scared of sweat nor sea water. Touch it, flex it, love it!

Diaz Gold

Ah, Diaz Gold... A pair of glasses made of titanium making it flexible and lightweight.

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Klitzing Silver

Supreme quality and style. Klitzing Silver and its structure made of silver titanium are about to impress you. Its aviator shape is trendy and its material raises you to another level.

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Thomson Silver

Thomson Silver is incredibly stylish and its quality is even more impressive. Flexible and lightweight, this rectangular pair of glasses will make your life easier.

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Just ask for what is best for your eyes. Lovelace is designed from titanium, a material which enables you to move and express yourself without having to be worried. It never wears out.

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Aragon Gold

Besides being beautiful, Aragon Gold has the knack for being made of titanium. A benefit enabling this pair of glasses to resist the most corrosive waters and to be hypoallergenic, making it nicer to wear.

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