K1 Pink

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Monturas y lentes con 2 años de garantía.
Nuestras lentes graduadas incluyen protección antirreflectante, antirrayado y UV400.

K1 is made to please all our fashionistas! Super fancy, this ski mask is equipped with a cylindric screen! With its 3 layers of foam, you will feel like these goggles are embracing your cute face. For those who need a prescription, you can of course use our optical support. Its retro-style strap will add some serious style to your ski outfit!

Tamaño: L

Patilla: 45

Formato : undefined-undefined-45

170 95 45
Tus gafas son diseñadas en Ámsterdam por nuestro internacional equipo de diseño.
Hechas y montadas en China, tus monturas y lentes son manufacturadas en nuestras propias fábricas.
Producidas bajo demanda, deberías contar 3 días antes de que tus lentes sean fabricadas y ensambladas en nuestros talleres.
- A nivel mundial
- 8 a 12 días laborables
- Entregado en una funda de caña de azúcar biodegradable
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Get your mask with your prescription

More comfortable, lighter and safer than wearing your own glasses under a mask, the optical support will avoid unnecessary pressure on your nose and temples.

Our lense

Our lense

UV400, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant cylindrical lens.

Category: S3
VLT (Visible Light Transmission): 8%-18%

This mask comes with a S3 lens.
S3 is a all around lens for bright and full light condition.

Weather Conditions




A lens equipped with an anti-fog layer.

Crash Resistant

The 3 layers of foam combined with the ergonomic structure gives a maximum fitting of the face.


Avoiding the fogging of the lens and the overheating of the mask but also allowing the air flow.

Helmet compatibility

Adjustable thanks to its 2 buckles, it also has an anti-slip lace.


Avoiding the fogging of the lens and the overheating of the mask but also allowing the air flow.


Made of bio-TPU, it still stays flexible. More sustainable, this biomaterial is bio-based at 25% of bio-based polyols.

Interchangeable lenses

Thanks to our design the lens can be clipped and un-clipped.



Our ski mask is delivered with a hard case made of EVA Rubber and a recycled polyester glove to clean your lens.


Lucile Lefevre

French olympic snowboarder

"Seeing is one of the essential sens that is always put on a test in my sport. polette helps me to obtain a great and qualitative vision in order to optimize my performances whatever the condition is."