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polette for the planet

Join the green revolution. At polette, we’re committed to sustainability as it is our top priority. We have always worked to minimise our environmental impact. Thanks to our customised on-demand products and the no stock policy in all our showrooms and the lab. Now our eco-acetate and recycled acetate collection take that commitment one step further!
Discover the eco-acetate collection!
Furthermore, our current research proved that our eco-acetate collection is biodegradable at 60% after 150 days and the tests to improve are still ongoing. Stay tuned for more great green news!

planting the seeds of a revolution

Made from plant seeds, our eco-acetate glasses are bio based at 61%. Our eco-acetate frames contain less than 1% of Phthalate/DEP, which is harmful for your health.

Recycled acetate:
the sustainability loop

At polette, our team is committed to minimising waste and reusing our own resources. That’s why we recycle the offcuts, scraps, defected and deformed acetates in order to produce new glasses.Coming soon!
By mid 2021, 100% of our acetate glasses will be completely sustainable.