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  1. Safely addicted to screens!

    Screens are everywhere so play it safe with our digital lenses. Filtering out 40% of the blue light from your screens, this option is available for all our glasses, with or without prescription.

  2. Nantes showroom opening party!

    A big thank you to Nantes for your support and energy! A unforgettable and unique opening, especially for Pauline Cousseau, the co-founder, who was in her hometown. The team welcomes you at 1 rue du Moulin. More showrooms locations here.

  3. Nantes, we are open!

    The first connected showroom in West of France: 1 rue du Moulin - Nantes! Come enjoy a free eye measurements without appointment, an innovative buying process with QR codes and try our latest frames. More showrooms locations here.

  4. Toulouse showroom opening party!

    What a night! Between your frame’s choice and your wipes customizations, you’ve been really creative. A memorable showroom opening party, thanks to all of you. Relive the event just here and feel free to tag you and share the pictures. See you soon in Toulouse: 40 rue d’Alsace Lorraine
  5. Come together

    See every community gracefully break bread together. While we all have different beliefs, we can all accept each other and live in peace. Glasses are for everybody and only through unity we can see different perspectives.