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Metal glasses: new collection.


Let’s get to the point and talk about metal.

Drawing many admirers, this year, metal glasses are the center of attention.

Elegant, easy to wear and above all light. Our designers took advantage of this new season to have a second look at the material in every possible shape. Embracing the timeless or challenging the classic, succumb to the charm of this geometric and striking collection, from 29.99€.

Awesome glasses for cool kids!


As you know, kids play, jump, fall and run around. Also, they know fashion and they ain't afraid to show it. That's why our designers & opticians created an affordable, fashionable collection made of strong acetate for optimal visual comfort.

Delivered in a special box, each design comes with a case and matching wipe.

Discover funky and stylish frames with UV400, anti-reflective and anti-scratching lenses from 19.99€. Tip! Try e-muse to protect their eyes from screens.

Wearing glasses is no longer a big deal, because now there's polette!

Into the wild


Right there, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, discover our latest designs. In a simple yet untamed universe, our frames bring new life to your wardrobe.

Like an enchanting timberland, this collection brings us back to the essential, to subtle yet mesmerizing glasses and sunglasses. Made in metal or hand polished acetate, show your true colors in either warm and woody or cool, ivory tones. Experience designs that are dainty as flowers or majestic like trees.

Step into the wild and choose a pair. Starting from 18.99€, we are sure you will find your eternal companion.

metal and trendy glasses for men and women

metal and trendy glasses for men and women

Time to shine!


From Paris to Amsterdam, from Milano to Shanghai, in the streets of our favorite cities our designers found inspiration for the most edgy polette collection yet.

Graphic lines, bold colors and contrasts come to life in frames featuring duo-tone, transparent, 2-in-1,mirrored and flat lenses; there’s a frame for those who want to blend in and those that like to boldly proclaim themselves

Check out our newest designs made from hand polished acetate with metal details, find your favorite and switch up your look. This summer the streets are your runway and it’s your time to shine!

Curious to see how it went down during the photoshoot? Click here to see the lookbook. Get inspired!

pink and green sunglasses for men and women

bold sunglasses for men and women

polette's showroom in Paris!


The revolution settles down in Rivoli!

Try offline, buy online, worldwide delivery ! polette's connected showroomsets up home in Paris with over than 1000 designs from 4.99.

An innovative QR code purchase concept, gathering in one single place, the entire online catalog. A true eyeglasses closet, supervised by our skilled opticians, happy to advise you and determine your prescription.

Come visit us in Lille, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Bandung (between 2 temple visits)

We count you in for our opening party. Everything will be unveiled on our social networks and newsletter.

French Riviera collection!


The French Coast: peaceful shores and wild looks... polette fetched inspiration under the sun and gives you a taste of the French Riviera's famous "joie de vivre".

This exclusive collection was created for a burning hot and trendy season, sprinkled with stunning materials and numerous sunnies. Joyfully discover a full set of lenses.

They will be mirrored, flat, colorful or gradient. Our designers promise you a look worth the greatest catwalks.

Offer high quality companions to your charm: handpolished acetate or metal frames, you will look radient. Dive into our new collection from 29.99!

Trendy handpolished sunglasses for men and women

green handpolished acetate sunglasses