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Stay safe!

Whether you are working from home, watching your favourite Netflix show or just chilling on social media make sure your eyes are protected with our screen protection lenses.

We spend on average 6 hours a day in front of our screens and without protection this can lead to health issues such as: sleeping disorders, fatigue, dry eyes, headaches and cataract development.

Our screen protection lenses block 40% of the blue light that is emitted from your screens from getting through helping to keep your eyes happy and safe!
You can apply this option to all of our polette, with or without prescription.

Jerry View Silver

Jerry View Silver is the style itself. This frame gathers everything we like in fashion. A thin structure crafted from silver metal with retro large and rectangular shapes. We don't need anything else! That's putting it midly.

  • Shape: rectangular
  • Materials: metal and hand-polished eco acetate
  • Colors: silver and transparent
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