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Protection against blue light

Have you ever been on your laptop or computer and felt a vicious headache coming on? What about the constant need to rub your eyes from staring at a screen all day? Well if the answer is yes there might just be a simple solution for you! Blue light glasses are being introduced to tackle this problem whether you are a gamer or an everyday office worker blue-light. Computer glasses help reducing the exposure by 40% and as a result, ease these side effects of overtime screen usage.

Iris Gold

Light and subtle shapes for a harmonious face, here comes Iris Gold. With a very original and soft look, this pair of glasses enhances your gaze without doing too much or not enough. Some thin lines made from golden metal, we really love them.

Handy and beautiful.

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Edison Black

Some models have this little something that all the other ones don't. A very special look making them look more prestigious. Edison Black is one of them. Some big rectangular shapes which will always be trendy, a sumptuous structure crafted from black metal, this pair of glasses obviously knows how to distinguish itself.

The 8th wonder of the world!

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Nino Green

Nino Green is a frame with an Italian touch. These green acetate glasses are taking you to the south of the Mediterranean sea.

This oversized aviator frame is all we want!

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Tigresse Brown

Feline and wild, the majestic Tigresse Brown is coming with its sharpened fangs. This model will make short work of your sight problems! Covered with a tiger pattern, this pair of glasses will impose itself as the most impressive of optics.

Eye of the tiger!

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Camberwell is the kind of pair of glasses which has the power of making your days awesome. With a perfect combination between pale pink and golden, this trendy frame features temples made of metal. Because having a good sight is phenomenal, why not opt for screen protection lenses on top of that?

An option your eyes will love and that will set you sleep under a lucky star!

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We can only weep with joy when we think about being the owner of Teardrop! We are finally glad to wear glasses again, and it's been a while it hasn't happened! The almost oval shapes make this model crafted from golden metal original and still refined.


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