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Cheaper than cigarettes!

Come on baby light my fire! At polette we offer you frames for only 5€, because affordability and transparency are values embedded in our DNA. Thanks to our revolutionary concept, glasses are now accessible for everyone. Have a look at these beautiful and colorful specs and join the revolution!

Jim Green

Good morning to you, dear visitor! You, who is looking for a new look, will be pleased with what we have! Jim Green is a pair of fine glasses with oval shapes. A colorful model at a price that will make you happy! Your search ends here with this stunning green frame!

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Dexter Red

Dexter offers itself a new version: a flamboyant red of vitality! A simple and elegant rectangular pair of glasses! Ideal to add an easy touch of colour to your outfits!

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Tassel Orange

Did you know that the national colour of the Netherlands is the orange? Why, you are going to ask us? Well, we have no idea, haha! What we can tell you, though, is that you will rarely see such a stylish pair of glasses at such a price! Tassel Orange is a butterfly frame in an energetic orange color that you will love to wear!

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