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California Mirror

She's back! With its pink reflective lenses, the California Mirror is a gem in our collection. A gilded metal frame enhanced by light brown tips.

Your summer companion!

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California Purple

Timeless and unforgettable, California Purple is a pair of glasses with personality. Pretty oval shapes enhanced by pink metal. With tips made out of hand-polished acetate, this model is a true know-how.

We love its purple gradient lenses and stylish packaging!

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California View

In love with trends and feeling a tad nostalgic? This is why you need to take a look at our California View. This unseen frame brilliantly combines vintage and modernity. It is elegantly different. 

This pair is supplied with a box and a summery wipe.

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California Red

Ahead of its time time, the California Red is a mount of extraordinary charm. A pair of silver metal glasses decorated with transparent acetate tips. Splendid!

Surprise everyone around!

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California Bleu

On the sweet Californian beaches, make a plunge in the Trendy sea thanks to polette. California Bleu is a pair of sunglasses with oval and mastered shapes. A frame with blue lenses, delivered with a wipe and a special case. Irresistible!

A design with transparent end pieces.

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California View Pink

Walking along the deep blue sea with palm trees in sight, California View Pink brings an upbeat tone to your look. Beautifully pink, this oval shaped frame has a chic and uncluttered design. Meet a vintage design, supplied with a box and organic cotton wipe. Swell!

An exclusive collection, featured by polette!

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California Gold

At the wheel of your convertible, wind in your hair, and your California Gold on your nose, enjoy the beauty of the landscapes. These sunnies have a unique design and shiny mirrored lenses. This cutie comes with an exclusive packaging. We're already head over heels in love with its palm tree printed wipe. Splendid!

A frame highlighting the subtlety of a golden metal!

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