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Turn glasses into
one of a kind sunglasses.

Create the sunglasses that fit you perfectly! By choosing from a wide selection of tinted and even mirrored lenses, you get the most amazing customized sunglasses. Select any frame on our website and choose the colour you are mad about and order that pair everyone will be jealous of. For sunglasses with prescription or without, this lenses option for 15.99€ includes an amazing UV400 coating including anti-reflective and anti-scratch protection. Your turn!


One moment please! Admire the supremacy of Momento.S. Stunning designer sunglasses with 85% brown lenses. A 90's vibe succinct in a frame with dazzling rectangular shapes.

For an underground style!

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Falov Black.S

Mistress of the night, Falov Black.S is here to captivate your life. A frame completed with wings, this acetate pair of glasses merged round and butterfly shapes.

A designer sunglasses with purple mirror lenses!

Warning: the distance between the temples is 118mm, smaller than the total width of the frame.

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