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At the heart of polette


Referencing to the East, this collection showcases the strong link between polette and China. The polette adventure started in Shanghai and «At the heart of polette» honours the wonderful complexity of the country where we proudly produce and assemble our frames.

Featuring characteristic invoking mythology, architecture and even calligraphy, these unique designs are an ode to our origins. Sculpted from eco and recycled acetate, these jewelry-like glasses are adorned with metal details.

Discover our iconic collection.

Jian Gold

Every morning, Chinese people gather in parks and play mahjong. Assemble your tiles and find the strategy that will help you win the game! To stay focused and not be illuminated by the soft spring sun, adopt Jian Gold! A pair of round golden metal sunglasses engraved with a thousand of patterns. Its bridge will dissipate your opponents by its splendor!

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Ling Green

Feng Shui remedy, jade is the stone to have to cure your vision! The recycled acetate of Ling Green, with its green full of transparency, reminds us of this stone. The temples of this pair of sunglasses are real jewels: grey metal carved with traditional Chinese patterns. A masterpiece!

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Fang Red

In Chinese operas, the personnality of the characters are depicted on their faces with makeup. Highly coloured, red means, for example, righteousness and loyalty. Adopt Fang Red and go for it! Maybe it’s the start of a great career! A pair of oval sunglasses in red eco-acetate, with a golden metal rim and a bridge sparkling with beauty!

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Tao Red

To reach the Tao, practice a martial art! Tai chi, Shaolin or others, learn to observe the world around you and to find unity within yin and yang. Tao Red is the pair of oval sunglasses that will accompany you in this quest! Designed in red eco-acetate, this frame is covered with golden metal engraved with traditional Asian details. Let's meet in the park tomorrow morning for your first session!

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Laoban Gold

Legend has it that one day Hsi-Lin-Shih was drinking tea under a tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. She then saw the latter turn into a thread. From this, derived the history of silk, jewels kept as a secret by the Chinese for three millennia. As soft, elegant and resistant as this material, this is Laoban Gold. A pair of round sunnies, with its bridge and temples engraved with an Asian pattern such as the fabrics of the greatest emperors. Admire its elegance!

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