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Who’s the best?
Who got the biggest?

Let’s make it clear baby, this collection will level up your confidence to the highest degree. Colored lenses or monochromic, our frames are meant to be iconic. Turn the street into your stage, our new metal sunglasses are fierce & savage. Either they will bow or say wow. Because at polette we got your back.

Precioso Black

Express a sensational style with Precioso Black! You will electrify everyone thanks to this rhombus-shaped pair of sunglasses. By wearing this original frame featuring yellow lenses, you will hit hard just like a striking thunderbolt!

Storm warning!

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Small frame, big... Let's be honest, Alonso is an incredibly hot pair of sunglasses. All in gilded metal, we can't get enough of its slender shapes and thin oval lenses.

Be iconic.

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Precioso Silver

Precioso Silver is going to be a huge hit! Here is a trendy and innovative pair of sunglasses. Its rhombus-shaped lenses will dress your eyes in an original way. We look at you as we look at a blue sky!

Precioso Silver, free as a bird!

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Reno Black

Who's the boss? Reno Black is a round and stylish pair of sunglasses. All in black, this metal frame features an acetate final touch on its arms.

A savage frame.

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Bold and crazy, Diamante will turn you into the most respected person in the hood. Imitating the shape of a gem, this hot pair of sunnies is equipped with orange-tinted lenses. A frame made from metal with an exceptional design.

Let's stop the taboos: diamonds, gold, nothing's too good for you.

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Diamante Silver

Diamante Silver is the ultimate accessory which highlight your stylish hidden side. Featuring diamond-shaped purple lenses, it is also equpped with UV400 protection. A pair of sunglasses crafted from silver metal, splendid just like you!

This frame has hand-polished acetate caps.

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When seeing this frame we immediately think of a famous actor. Do you know who we mean? Reno is a timeless round pair of sunnies. This frame is made out of gold-coloured metal combined with green lenses.

Stylish and equipped with UV400 protection!

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Diamante Black

Diamante Black is a monochrome frame with a big personnality, it never goes unnoticed. With its shapes inspired from diamonds, this dark black pair of sunglasses is absolutely stylish. This frame is designed with metal features and UV400 lenses.

Impose your style.

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