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What's your perspective?

Animated by architecture, this collection in limited editions was imagined in black and white. In a measured simplicity, these pairs of glasses with an incredible charm combine the solidity of acetate with atypical shapes. Be the architect of your own life and elevate yourself like a skyscraper. Browse the steps of life, change your point of view and find your own.


Design and eyewear temple, polette gathers all the most beautiful crazy items. Hadid is a designer pair of sunglasses. Simply wearing its white dress, this curvy frame is equipped with UV400 lenses.

A unique design made from hand polished acetate.

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Hadid Black

Famous frame of fashions shows, Hadid Black made it big thanks to its 80s inspired design. Playing on different thicknesses, let these oval shapes seduce you! This pair of sunglasses features UV400!

A quality model, trendy and retro!

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As white as snow, Ando is a designer pair of glasses. As a limited edition, this frame has beautiful curves. A real collector gem which would be glad to feature corrective lenses for your eyes.


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Ando Black

Just as architects, our designers conceive eyewear with a hint of genius. With its round and classic shapes, Ando Black has been made from a particular acetate. Imitating the starry sky perfectly, this light pair of glasses know how to make a good impression.

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Tadao Clear

Surprise with Tadao Clear. Discreet when far away but outstanding when you take a close look at this frame, thanks to its rectangular shapes. A trendy pair of glasses playing on transparency.

Made out of hand-polished acetate.

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Tadao is an impressive frame. This quality pair of glasses is resistant, just like a modern and unshakable building, as it has been made of acetate, a strong material. Our designers conceived this model with rectangular shapes, bringing a spectacular side.

A limited edition with a particular pattern.

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Admire Pritzker! Made from acetate, this round pair of glasses unveils a wonderful shade of grey. A designer frame which features a thick bridge.

A design showcasing the expertise of polette.

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Pritzker Black

Just like a great laureate, Pritzker Black will light up your eyes. Classy and uncommon, this brand new frame features a unique lens shape. This designer pair of glasses is made out of hand-polished acetate.

Succumb to its dark black color.

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Foster Black

Combining technicality and creativity, our designers have not stopped surprising you. Foster Black is a collector's frame which deserves all your attention. Made out of acetate, the inside part of this pair of glasses seems to have been cut from stone. An outstanding illusion!

Admire its hexagonal shapes!

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Foster is a stunning hexagonal pair of glasses. Designed in Amsterdam and conceived in our workshops, this frame has everything to amaze you: a quality material and a form which will get itself talked about.

Customise it to sunglasses with 85% and UV400 dark lenses!

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