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Reveal yourself.

Stop the bullshit, stop hiding, let’s just be proud of who we really are. Because glasses are not only an accessory but also a medical necessity, polette is offering you endless possibilities to express your personality and find your perfect fit. This is all you need to reveal yourself.


Didi is a creative one. Gliding down the street, this mount sets the tone. A small pair of sunglasses reinventing the butterfly outlines. 

Fall for its diamond-shaped tips.

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So who has eaten all the Swiss chocolate? Guilty as charged, Maurice overflows with chocolate and caramelized tints. A small pair of glasses featuring not quite round shapes but with unforgettable charm!

Succumb to our vintage acetate models. They are hand polished!

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It is so easy to make friends with Salvador. An atypical pair of glasses with a crazy charm! Crafted from acetate, this frame with rectangular shapes and low setting has been polished by hand. Just an artwork!

A captivating animal pattern.

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