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Only idiots pay more.

If manufacturing glasses cost less than HKD 100, why would you pay HKD 4000?

«If you find cheaper, the boss turns into a nun.»

In total contrast from traditional opticians, polette is revolutionizing the optical world. How? By giving the customer real and total transparency. In fact, by cutting all intermediaries between the manufacturer and the customer, we suppress all the disproportionated margins that the wholesalers and resellers are usually taking.Produced in our laboratories, all our prescription lenses are scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and UV400 protected. No need to have to compromise on what is a necessity in your life.

From HKD 50 for the frame and HKD 200 for the pair of lenses, it’s time to please yourself, without having to break the bank.

Designed by awesome people.

Because glasses are not only an accessory but also an object of necessity, our team works everyday in order to create high quality frames that also reflects your true self. By making the choice of working with the best materials, like hand-polished acetate or even Japanese titanium, polette promises you high-end eyewear. Discover the work of our beautiful fleet of international designers: French, Italians and Dutch.

The best for your eyes.

First and foremost an optician, polette guarantees the best quality lenses possible.Our equipment is of the latest generation and together with our team of professionals, we ensure the quality of an optimal vision. In fact, before arriving in your hands, your polette frame is going through the hands of 80 professionals of optics and spectacle makers. Thanks to our large panels of lenses, you can customize your frame as you wish. Unifocal, progressives, blue light filter, photochromic, sunnies, mirrored or just for the style there is a variety of colors for all tastes.

Made by happy people!

At polette we produce everything in China. The first worldwide producer of frames and lenses for 40 years, China has developed an incontestable expertise and savoir-faire. In order to ensure you receive the best quality in terms of products but also human relationship, we select with care, our factories that we regularly visit.

Revolutionary showrooms.

Try our designers’ pair of glasses in one of our connected showrooms! Here everything is done online : no stocks, no cashier, only QR codes.

«Try, scan, buy!»

Forget your prescription? A free eye test and without any appointment is available on the spot.

The environment.

Ecology is our main concern. That is why we are currently working in order to get a circular economy: from our production, our reusable packaging and our showrooms.

«0 stock, 0 waste.»

You are buying a customized product only made for you. Therefore our lenses are produced on demand. No dead stocks, no waste to bury underground, because even the lenses cuts are gathered and recycled every week. In order to lower the impact of transportation with CO2 emissions, our production of frames, lenses and assembling are all done in an area comparable to the size of France. Contrary to traditional opticians, we centralise everything in our laboratory. This clever utilisation of our own resources allow us to manage the frame and lenses flow at its best. It’s the same for our exhibition stores. None of our showroom have stock. The same goes for our showroom samples, they are either sold or recycled. Soon polette will be able to recycle your own glasses!

Even nudists need polette

polette is for everyone. At the same time high couture and accessible, we love mixing and breaking stereotypes. From the smallest to the tallest, our glasses are for all ages and styles.