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Design: the origin of all polette frames.

The World is our inspiration. Our designs are inspired from everything around us: fashion, music, art, architecture & everyday life.

It all begins with an idea and material that leads to a sketch of the shapes. Then we’ll look at the details by picking hinges & screws that connect & articulate the arms, and finish by adding the details such as the nose pads that will complete the frame. Finally the technical drawings are sent to our factories for samples and once confirmed, ready for production


Production: from concept to product.

Acetate, the best material in the bizz!

The main material we use is acetate. Known for its comfort, quality and high resistance, acetate gives our designers real creative possibilities! Basically it’s a win-win for everyone! The acetate material comes in sheets, sheets that are available in many different colors and shades: from tortoiseshell to transparent and from patterns to duo-tone. Almost any color-scheme is possible with this durable material.

Once a design is created and a technical drawing validated, our factory experts start cutting the acetate sheets to shape the frame. Through cutting, to adjusting, polishing, cleaning, assembling the frame passes several processes to ensure great quality and fine designs. Once finished, the frames are hand polished once more and the quality is controlled. That is the last step before adding lenses and putting them on your nose.


Metal is the trend!

Our designers are huge metal fans! Metal is light, comfortable and you can play almost limitless with shapes and finishes. Metal became a big hit in 2018. All parts are shaped in our workshop and assembled in several steps. First, the metal is cut, then moulded, welded, polished and assembled. Finally the frames are polished one more time for a lovely shine!

There are different types of metal, the purest being Titanium. Titanium is very strong and due to its lightness super comfortable to wear. And above all it’s also hypo-allergenic


Lab: where the magic happens.

Lenses for perfect eyesight

All of our lenses are made from polymer resin poured into moulds and then heated in an oven. No matter your eyesight, we have the lenses you need including anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV400 coating for optimal protection. Options range from basic to extra thin single vision lenses as well as advanced multifocal lenses.

People of polette

Every day the experts at our laboratories make sure you receive the best possible glasses by meticulously processing each order and guarding the quality of each step. Each pair undergoes the same assembly process: the order is checked, the arms are secured and the lenses cut to exactly fit your frame. Each lens and frame is carefully inspected before being sent off and finding its way to your doorstep.

During the entire process 80 people work hard to ensure you receive your polette in perfect order!