Repair Kit Premium

HKD 300


Other colors

Convenient and practical, get this repair kit with you and fix your lovely glasses whenever and wherever you are!

  • Material: metal
  • Dimension: 105*63*27mm
  • Repair Kit includes:
    • 5 types of screws for hinge and nose pads
    • 1 x slotted screwdriver 1.2mm
    • 1 x slotted screwdriver 1.5mm
    • 1 x slotted screwdriver 1.7mm
    • 1 x phillips screwdriver 1.5mm
    • 1 x screwdriver handle
    • 1 x tweezer
    • 3 pairs of silicon nose pads
    • 3 pairs of titanium nose pads (pink, gold and silver)
Our accessories are designed in Amsterdam by a team of international designers. All accessories are created for your comfort and the protection of your glasses
- Worldwide
- 8 to 12 working days