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Back to black!

Ben je wakker of droom je? Eenvoudig en toch super stijlvol. Zwart is tijdloos. Dit seizoen hebben we een totale zwarte look gecreëerd die vertrouwen wekt en een betoverende blik brengt. Onze ontwerpen zijn bedoeld om te verbazen. Laat je niet vangen in deze gesimuleerde wereld, maar maak je klaar om deze fascinerende bril in jouw realiteit te brengen. Deze limited edition van polette laat geen tijd voor spijt over. Voel de kracht, voel je sterker!

Cypher Black

With the delicacy of its butterfly shapes and its black acetate, the beauty of this pair of glasses almost seems unreal. Reality or illusion? Dream whilst awake with Cypher Black!

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Bronte Black

All dressed in black, these frames could have been identified as a member of a secret society. It is said to gather the coolest pair of glasses in the whole optics industry. Getting integrated into this group is no easy task, but of course Bronte made it hands down! It's normal, stretched out rectangular shapes are absolutely stylish!

These black metal temples make these sunnies even more charismatic!

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Zion Black

Careful: this pair of glasses cannot be made with corrective lenses!

The futuristic aspect of the sunnies Zion Black is impertinently in fashion. This pair of black acetate glasses has rectangular shapes supported by a wide bridge. We love the thick temples!

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Jones Black

Imagine a war between humans and machines, scary! Now imagine fighting with the sunnies Jones Black on your nose, stylish! A good pair of black acetate aviator glasses changes everything.

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