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Once upon a time in the 70s

Laten we teruggaan naar de jaren zeventig, baby! Toen psychedelische patronen op elke muur zaten en lavalampen een must waren voor iedereen. Retro, maar ook juist op trend, combineerden onze ontwerpers de mooiste tinten acetaat met onze eeuwige savoir-faire. Zet dit seizoen je zonnebril op en wees klaar om te boogie-en. Wees fantastisch en glamoureus, laat iedereen naar je verlangen. Ja, schatje, het is tijd om Saturday night fever te voelen!


Marvin Gaye, Mick Jagger, etc. The seventies were the golden age of the greatests. So our designers were inspired by this liberating decade to create another legend made of red acetate: the sunnies Eddy. So put on your flared jeans, the rectangular shapes of this pair of glasses and get ready to boogie!

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Brixton Cream

Imagine a neighbourhood in South London where a mix of culture and music collide to create a solar-powered universe. The pair of glasses Brixton Cream is the symbol of this with its bold rectangular shapes and cream acetate.

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Brixton Black

At polette, we want you to be the actor of your life. So get out of your comfort zone with the destructured shapes of the Brixton Black. These sunnies don't hesitate to shine through their hand-polished black acetate . Break the rules, with style!

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Kenneth Black

Entirely black, the Kenneth Black has rectangular shapes that disobey the law of gravity. Wrapped in hand-polished acetate and thick temples, this pair of sunglasses is ready for takeoff. See you on Mars ?

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We doubt you can resist the retro look of the sunnies Stevie. Like a vintage car, this designer frame opts for a tortoiseshell acetate body. Even with a "slight" price difference, we promise you that our car has just as much under the hood.

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Reginald Black

What better way to face the world than with a generously shaped rectangular sunnies. polette introduces you to a pair of hand-polished black acetate glasses that have the power to protect not only from the sun but also from bad vibes. So put on your Reginald Black and remember, you are a "Rocket Maaaan"!

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Renate Green

The devastating charm of Renate Green is unprecedented: rectangular curves, deep green acetate. These sunnies remind us of the pretty girl we saw once in the subway and that made our heart vibrate for a moment. Don't miss your chance this time, it's just a click away.

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