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New metal collection: High on shine


Let’s shine some light on metal, the star player in our new collection. Revealing geometric, almost futuristic designs, these glasses subtly highlight pink, golden and silver hues that will brighten up any outfit.

Dip yourself in metal and go for a sleek and chic look from 29.99€.

Exclusive retro collection with A Fashion Nerd


polette presents an exclusive design-collaboration with one of our long-time favorite ambassador.

The elongated butterfly shapes are created from high quality acetate in stunning black and white. The collection consists of two eyeglasses and two sunglasses, starting from 32.99€.

"I wanted to create a super unique individual style of glasses, a pair that no one has ever seen. I can almost guarantee you have never seen this style before. I love how retro they feel."

Amy Roiland @afashionnerd

All about customization.


Turn glasses into one of a kind sunglasses! Our designers went ahead and created a few eye-catchers for you. You have the power as well to create your own sunglasses by choosing from a wide selection of colored and even mirrored lenses.

You have infinite possibilities to create the frame that perfectly fits your needs. Get inspired and start customizing your own!

Different is the new normal.


The year is coming to an end, and what’s a better way to celebrate this fashion year than by highlighting our most outspoken designs!

These frames are a bit edgy and alternative, kinda quirky and unique, but also very authentic. It’s about making a statement, whether it’s a big or a more modest one, we’re sure one of these designs will perfectly complement you and your personality, all day every day.

Immerse yourself with fun and laughter. Be bold, be brave, do you!

Lunettes de vue en métal

Lunettes de vue en métal

Bonjour Paris !


Every day you welcome me with a coffee on one of your romantic terraces and every day the whole fashion world is looking at you. Your simplicity and monumental allure always impresses me. Each time I go back I fall more and more in love with you. Always keeping an eye on the future, but never forgetting the past. This je ne sais quoi hanging in the air makes me know: you are the one.

Paris my love, you’re always in my heart. Created from the heart by our designers, this retro collection is dedicated to you. The frames are playing with familiar shapes, provocative proportions and subtle colors. Take the leap with acetate or metal and enjoy a walk on the romantic side.

Movie team: @incendie_films

Photographer: @mjkiszely

Models: @stefan_tisseyre @sterrekalleis

Stylist: @aannaammaallaa

MUAH: @snowbunnythemovie

New metal collection: retro & sensual!


This collection is all about metal. Minimalist shapes will surprise you by showing off a high dose of elegance. Discover stunning fusions between shapes, details and subtle colors.

Let a polette be a fashion staple in your wardrobe, we promise you will radiate effortless chicness while making a big sartorial statement. Explore our collection and find your perfect frame from 29.99€.