An homage to the
origin of everything

Join us in celebrating something
that is as natural as can be, but
somehow still subject to censorship
and taboo.

This special limited edition collection named Orgasmic, is inspired by
modern and classic artistic trailblazers. Paying homage to the vulva and
putting the spotlight on female pleasure, and sexuality.
The Orgasmic collection consists of three models that come in two frame
and multiple lens colors. The frames are made from eco-acetate.
The Venus is inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. L’Origine is taking cues
from Courbet’s L’Origine du monde and Elle pays homage to sculpture
Hon/Elle by Niki de Saint Phalle.
"This committed collection is a
taboo breaking statement on
female pleasure!
Vulva la revolution!"
- Elodie & Marianne (product team & design team)
Regards Coupables x polette
Regards Coupables, a French artist whose minimalistic illustrations express a sense of tongue-in-cheek sexuality, shows his take on this topic by creating a female pleasure inspired packaging for the limited Orgasmic collection, containing a sex toy and matching wipes.


To support this cause, a number of leading
female artists have created their own homages
to the vulva, in every shape and form.
Putting what some consider as taboo within
The artworks are auctioned online on the Curated By Girls platform, contributing to the same cause.
Join the revolution and celebrate sexuality !
Phoebe Crossing
Phoebe uses plaster casting techniques to educate those with a vulva about their anatomy, spreading body and sex positivity.
Kylie Marume
Kylie Marume is a multifaceted artist who is specialized in painting female figures often combined with nature. The nudity in her work is to de-stigmatize and un-sexualise the natural female body in various forms.
Charlotte Willcox
Charlotte Willcox loves to create art based around feminism, self-love, and celebrating the female body.
Christine Yahya
Pink Bits is inspired by and celebrates people in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we’re told to hide.
Lilia Luganskaia
Multidisciplinary artist and author Lilia Luganskaia decodes abstract notions as love and feminism with the use of constructed images, sculptures, video, performance and installations. She approaches complex ideas with humor and an alternative perception.
Cynthia & Ester
The women behind @lekkerblijvenlikken create illustrations with a message and breaking the taboo with humor. Mostly made from a female perspective. By creating a custom bed sheet pattern they pay their homage to female sexuality.
Capucine Poumailloux
Art Director, photographer and graphic designer Capucine Poumailloux created Nipples magazine: a magazine that visually portrays the sensuality of the naked body. Rooted in its time, it highlights, with no taboos, the authenticity of the human form and the expression of feelings.