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Computing, files and personal information law

Internet users have free faculty to provide personal information about themselves. Providing personal information is not compulsory to browse on the site. Nevertheless, registration on the present site implies the gathering, by the publisher, of several personal information about internet users. The internet users not wishing to provide the information needed for the use of the services offered by the present site as well as, if need be, essential to the creation of a personal space, will not be able to use the services provided by the publisher of the present site, or place an order on the present site.

In the event of an order on the present site, the information related to the collection of payment data, including the credit card number and its use for commercial identification purposes is subject to the consent of the person concerned, through the various forms offered on the present site. The data gathered are necessary for the proper administration of the services offered on the present site as well as to the respect of its contractual obligations by the publisher. These data are stored by the publisher in this unique quality, and the publisher undertakes not to use them in another context, or communicate them to third parties, except for the users express agreement or cases statutory.

The contact details of all the users registered on the present site are stored for a period of one year, a reasonable period of time, necessary to the proper administration of the site and to a normal use of the data. These data are kept in secured conditions, according to the current means of the art. In accordance with the latter, internet users have the right to object, query, access and modify the data they have provided. To do so, they simply need to make a request to the customer service of the present site through the contact form. The personal data collected are subject to a technical processing and are reserved exclusively to the editor of the site. The process manager is Mr Pierre Wizman, whose contact details are shown at the top of these terms and conditions.

The publisher will have to communicate all personal data related to an internet user to the Police (on court order) or to anyone. (on judge’s demand) The IP address of your computer may be the subject of a similarity with the actual identity subscriber owned by ISP. (Internet Service Provider)


In order to allow all the internet users an optimal browsing on the present site, as well as a better functioning of the different devices and applications, the editor might proceed to implant a cookie on the computer of the user. This cookie is used to store information related to browsing on the site, (date, page, hours) as well as any potential data entered by the internet users during their navigation. (searches, login, email, password).

These cookies are meant to be stored on the internet user’s computer for an unknown duration up to no cookie and can be read and used by the publisher during a subsequent visit by the user on the present site. The user has the ability to block, modify the retention period, or delete this cookie through its browser’s device. (usually: tools or options / privacy or confidentiality) In such a case, the navigation on the present site will not be optimized. If the systematic disabling of cookies on the internet user’s browser prevents him from using certain services or functionalities provided by the publisher, this malfunction cannot in any way constitute damage to the member who will not be entitled to any compensation as such.